Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting Started

I have a habit of taking up hobbies, really just so I can say that I did it.  Often these great bursts of inspiration come after I have had a glass of wine.  However, it is 9:30am, and although my mother always says, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.”  I have a feeling that it is even a little early for her to justify drinking.  But I am a newly minted stay-at-home mom, and I needed a new project to keep my mind occupied long term – other than my children of course.  So I began Facebooking, which led me to my friend Emily’s blog.   Combine Cabernet with Emily’s fierce creativity, and  the little conversations in my head, and here I am with a blog of my own.

What’s in a Name?  This blogging process started over a week ago, but I managed to procrastinate the start because I didn’t have a name.  Enter my dear friend, Dr. G, a truly clever and inventive individual.  His first suggestion was “Not So K.Rabby.”  Which I of course thought was…clever and inventive.  When mentioning it to my husband, he pursed his lips breathed deeply through his nose and “mmmmmed”.  Never a good sign.  My response was, “You don’t think it is a good name because I am crabby.”  Silence.   I consulted yet again with the doctor, who consulted with his people and here we are with “K_Rabs Blabs”  Catchy.

 I must give credit where credit it due, first to my husband for requesting that I take his last name, Rabinowitz, upon marrying him, a pat on the back for myself shorting that name for my teaching career to Mrs. Rabs, thus enabling all post-marriage friends to call me K. Rabs.  A big thanks to Dr. G for being…clever and inventive and his people for rhyming.  And last, but certainly not least to Emily, without whom, none of this would have happened.  


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