Friday, February 17, 2012


I was going to offer you another mom to read about, and I apologize to said mom for choosing Whitney over you, but she is everywhere post mortem. And, for me, her death really is very sad. Do I understand that she ravaged her body with drugs and that this outcome was bound to happen, yes, but it is sad for me nonetheless. My entire childhood is wrapped up in a Whitney Houston song.

Whitney Houston was the very first cassette that I remember having. That terra cotta background and her slicked back hair... I'm pretty sure she was 19 on the cover of that album and she looked like a goddess to me. And, she was on Silver Spoons (one of my very favorite shows) as Alfonso's uncle's date. Off that album, "Greatest Love of All." I don't know if anyone else remembers, but I quite clearly remember being a fourth grader performing this song in Carolyn Montrose's backyard with the Winogrond girls, and mi prima favorita.

"Do You Want to Dance" inspired me to want to grow my hair out so I could look just like her in the video...well, have hair like her. I was crushed, crushed when Julie Forcina told me it was a wig. And there isn't a girl out there, I don't care what you say, who when you hear that song come on you don't pump the volume up and belt it out as loud as you can. It is just that kind of song.

Julie, without whom I would have no childhood memories, and I would sit on her front steps, rearranging "Where Do Broken Hearts Go." I think we thought we were better than Whitney...we weren't, but man did we go at that song for hours.

For a solid decade, Clairie and I would head to the Pancake House for a Christmas Eve morning breakfast singing Whitney's version of "Do You Hear What I Hear" In her Jetta, we would sing along with soul hangs and "Chakas" adding them in wherever we saw fit.

"Queen of the Night" and "I'm Every Woman" were songs of choice for car rides from Durham, NH to Boston for my college roommate, Kate, and myself. Not to mention breakout song in our dorm rooms. I actually forgot about this until I started to think about Whitney's catalog and how it is part of my growing up.

Everyone is paying tribute to her with "I Will Always Love You" because that video (do they even make videos anymore?) was the most simple yet dramatic Whitney. When she opened her eyes and started singing is an image that we can't forget. And we will always love her, because for those little girls who grew up with her, she was vocal brilliance and sang the soundtrack to our girlhood.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So apparently I have built this tiny, little reputation of sorts, and I am here to set the record straight.

I would like the world to know the following:

1. I never check pockets before throwing too many clothes into the washing machine. Why? Mostly because I have been doing Dan's laundry for over ten years, and he hasn't learned to empty his pockets. So shame on him. Why do I put too many clothes in the wash? Really? I just want to get it done. And, for the record, today I had to pull a pair of pants out of the dirty hamper for Joey to wear. I do not like, nor am I good and keeping ahead of the laundry.

2. I cook most nights and out of seven nights in a week, at least one of those meals is a total flop and by total flop, I mean completely inedible. At least three nights out of the week I have to force my children to eat the meal with threats and bribery and at least two meals Dan suffers through because we must be united. So for all of you who see my "amazing" meals that I make, now you know the real deal.

3. Speaking of children, I bribe, threaten, huff, throw my hands up, the towel in, and yell regularly. There you have it.

4. My house is untidy. Plain and simple. I have two kids and a dog and a man who are not neat people. I clean for company, so for those of you who plan to come to my house, yes, it is clean. If you surprise me, I might not let you through the front door.

5. 8 times out of 10, I have not showered when you see me. Maybe it's gross, I don't know. I get there....eventually.

There are so many, many more...but for the sake of upcoming posts, this one was important to set the record straight. My kids are asleep now, therefore I must have a glass of wine. Yeah, I do that, too.


Friday, February 3, 2012


I am so excited to get this ball rolling! At the end of the summer, I wanted to make it a weekly thing, but as we all know I couldn't even making blogging about anything a weekly thing. This time around I smartened up and sent my document to many moms whom I love and adore, so they are stockpiled and I can just dip in an pull one out each week. Yay me! And yay for the moms who surround me and are plain 'ole fabulous!

I'm not surprised that Izzy was the first to get back to me. If people think that I am Type A, well then, Izzy is Type AA to the A. I say that with the greatest amount of love. I think we all thought that she would be a mother first because she just takes care of people. Since college she has been my medical go to talking me down from every hypochondriac ledge I managed climb. And now she is a real mama and my first featured "Momfluence."

Q: How old were you when you became a mother?
A: 31

Q: How old are your child(ren)?
A: 3 years old and 3 months old

Q: What is your favorite part of being a mom?
A: The hugs and the smiles

Q: What is your least favoirte part of being a mom?
A: The sleepless nights and the worrying

Q: Stay at home or working out of the home?
A: Working part-time out of the home

Q: What was teh hardest part of becoming a mom?
A: Sleepless nights; recreating blance in relationship with husband; having no time for self

Q: How did you choose your kids names?
A: Lily from a song by Matt Pond. then we had signes to name her that! My great aunt is Lillian. Middle name [Paige] for Jason's great grandfather. Bryant is from Alabama football coach Paul Bear Bryant. Middle name, Collin, is from my second cousin in Scotland. Two "l"s because Lily has two "l"s in Lillian.

Q: What is the best parenting advice you can give?
A: Just roll with it!

Q:Who are your mom role models?
A: My friends with older children!