Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Picture People

I have been wanting a proper portrait of my babies for quite some time now. I thought my brother's wedding would be a great opportunity because they would both be dressed up and a professional photographer was at the ready, but the hour was not conducive to the bro being smiley for the camera.

Then I had a new vision. Literally. I saw the two of them sitting on a backdrop of pure white. Natalie in a cute little white with yellow polka dots sun dress, the bro in some plaid linen shorts and a bright green or yellow polo. They were smiling and happy and it was to forever be commemorated in photos.

What I didn't visualize was that a week before the photo session, Natalie would be bitten or stung by something and look like this:

Here's hoping that her face goes back to normal by Friday, both for the sake of the picture and my (Dan's) wallet. Because when you look this pathetic, Mommy says yes to just about anything.


  1. She still looks adorable! Must have been in the air this week - the portraits, that is, not the stinging. We had Zach's portrait done last week!