Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Down the Shore


  • the perfect place to wear bright pink toes, made brighter by my ever deepening shade of brown skin
  • beautiful weather six out of the seven days we were there
  • the perfect backdrop for beautiful pictures of my children
  • plenty of adults around so that I was able to go to the bathroom and shower whenever I wanted
  • an early morning jog along the ocean's edge
  • delicious egg breakfasts that someone else made for me
  • butterfly potatoes
  • a fresh caught fish dinner making the boys 9 hour absence well worth it
  • watching the pure joy and excitement on Natalie's face while riding boardwalk rides
  • mini golf

  • Seaside (except for the butterfly potatoes, cheese steak, and orange cream cone)
  • Horseflies
  • splinters on the deck
  • breaking my tooth on a piece of peppermint salt water taffy
  • it only lasted a week

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