Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I am spending too many sleepless hours worrying about my house becoming a vomitorium. I warned you that is consumes my thoughts for the next few months, especially since a small wave actually hit us. I literally lay awake picturing the pie scene from Stand By Me and it is just a domino effect of illness. If you don't understand this reference, shame on you and go rent this fabulous coming of age film. Shame!

I became so entrenched in these worries this morning that I was totally convincing myself that I was feeling ill which of course led to a headache, which immediately concerned me that the brain aneurysm was coming. Seriously, this is the train of thought. After thinking about this for an hour or so, I thought that I would fight off my seasonal OCD with obsessive thoughts of more mundane things including, but not limited to:

1. "The Royal Engagement"
I am not really sure why I am supposed to care about this. People.com thinks that I am and have, therefore, dedicated an entire portion of their site to coverage of: Prince William and Kate Middletons' photographic and genic journey of courtship; Kate Middleton's fashion sense; Tiaras and former royal portraits. One of the Bush girls and Chelsea Clinton were married (not to each other, *gasp* could you imagine - how fabulous would that coverage be) and they did not get their own special sections on this website. Food for thought.

2. Justin Beiber
I have no idea what any of his songs are- they may be very good. I don't know. I find his hair and gummy smile disconcerting and overall he just makes me feel old. I am sure if I were a tweener, I too might be "in love" with him, although even as a "tween" he wasn't really my type. Oh Dylan McKay - now that was hair worth swooning for, right girls...and some male readers ;)

3. The Kardashian Christmas Card
I am an admitted tabloid junkie, so yes, I frequent People, USMagazine, and Eonline.com with regularity. This card is everywhere. It is not the crazy, over the top glamour of the card, I mean, really, they are the Kardashians, I expect nothing less than fabulous. The thing that I can't get over, is that Bruce Jenner has four other children who are not featured in the card. Where are they? At the very least, one would think that Brody would make the card. Yet, the only Jenner children are Kylie and Kendall. Yes, I keep up with the Kardashians, but it is Christmas people extended Kardashians via new marriage should share in the holiday cheer.

Ahhhh, all better.

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