Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Story

When Dan I and first met he was 18 and I just a mere 14-- I was immediately taken with this older boy with a mullet, bandana, tye dyed t-shirt, and 18 year old girl back pack. Does that paint a picture? Because if I close my eyes I can see myself with my right elbow on the counter of the Chazotte's counter, the very small portion between the stove and the opening to the dining room where the phone with the answering machine was docked, and he licked my face. Yes, he licked my face. And at that exact moment, I fell in love with him. The truth is, I didn't really know that I had fallen in love with him until we had reconnected at the same exact spot five years later. Chemistry is chemistry-- I can't argue that. I can recall perfectly, that same spot where he and I stood--he had picked Erin and Peter up from a backpacking trip and Julie and I were there, in the crossroads headed to the movies. I, so vividly recall asking him half joking, half serious) if he wanted to go see "One Fine Day" with us. And I believe he (half joking, half serious) said yes.

I mentioned that chemistry is chemistry, but meant to be perhaps goes one step further. We met, yet again at the hand of Julie and Peter at a bar ( which sounds so cliche), but the truth is, that I think it was five year prior that we had made that connection. I don't know how many people believe in soul mates, but I have no other choice. We (Dan and I , in case you didn't get that) were brought together until we were ready to be together.

Tonight, as we "celebrated" out 9th wedding anniversary together watching "Grey's Anatomy" I couldn't help but look at the tiny pink flip flops in the middle of the carpet. A tangible symbol of the life we have created together, and I could imagine a better man with whom I could have created this life.


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