Friday, June 24, 2011

Decluttering is a Writer's Muse

Yesterday I started to blog about all the stuff that has accumulated in our house mainly due to the two small children, and the one larger man-child that likes to also collect "toys." And by "toys" I mean eight pairs of hiking boots, snow shoes, three tents, two sleeping bags, three hiking if your mind went somewhere else, gross, this is a family blog. Anywho, I am not a fan of "stuff" and it is taking over! I read a blog recently that talked about a 365 declutter, where one throws away one thing every day for a year. I love this idea! We have so many stuffed animals and books and plastic toys that are everywhere. Making it feel as though it is absolutely necessary to clean house. This happens to me around the holidays when I know things are coming in and in three weeks will be Natalie's 6th birthday, so out with the old, because it is inevitable that there will be new. And we are always thankful for everyone's thoughtfulness, please don't misinterpret.

Birthdays and holidays happen and they should be celebrated with giving and receiving, especially if you are going to be six. And I am guilty of giving and cluttering up other people's houses. So this morning, belatedly, I asked by BF what she would like for her son's 2nd birthday, she asked us for some art or a letter that she would put into a scrapbook. I totally get it. We just don't need more stuff, unless it is in the form of groceries or a Trader Joe's gift card to buy groceries. But this request of her, everyone wins. It became an arts and craft project for me and the kids at the end of this rainy week and a thoughtful, heartfelt gift for little Z. Truth be told, the art work was no going to be that great. Well, not the bro's anyway. So we decided that we would write a story book for our friend, Z. It was a total collaboration. The bro came up with the title and from there I prompted Natalie to get a storyline going. Even the bro added his thoughts, and I worked it in there. It was so much fun to make, and if I do say so, not a bad little tale. Complete with original mixed media illustration, in which again, the three of us took part.

Perhaps a customized tale will come to your for your next birthday written and illustrated by Kristen, Natalie, and Joseph Rabinowitz.

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  1. Hooray!! I didn't know this idea would become blog-worthy! I feel so honored. And, we can't wait to see the book!