Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm surprised by Natalie's birthday every year. Obviously I know that it is coming, but each July I am taken aback by the fact that she is another year older. Here we are at six. Dan and I found ourselves recounting the events of that day, as we remember them to have happened.

7-8am - Dan awakes with a headache, and I get him some advil.
7-8am - I tell Dan that I 'think' my water just broke. (As it turned out it had, but three an half years later, after having the bro bro, I know what "my water just broke" means.)
8-9am - We call the hospital to tell them what I think just happened. The nurse asks if I am having contractions, "Um...I think so" (I really wasn't sure, but I guess I was) We are instructed to come to the hospital.
8-9am - Dan asks me if he has time to take a shower. He does. I call Eric to cancel our lunch plans (apparently he never got that message because he showed up at our house three hours later, so I am told.)
9-10 - Drive to hospital
10-11 - Sit and wait in pre delivery room to see if I am, in fact, in labor.
11-2 - Fuzzy memories of pitocin, labor and delivery nurse telling me my baby is crazy (Natalie was a serious kicker - still is!) Contractions start to move farther apart, pitocin dosage uped.
2-4pm- Now I know if I am having contractions.
5pm - In tub, telling Dan that I don't think I can do this.
5:52pm - Healthy, hairy little girl is born unto us

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