Monday, January 2, 2012

The Kindness of Less than Strangers

We are in the process of a "small" home renovation. Small meaning one room, "small" meaning the only full bathroom in the house. Tomorrow it will be a full week that we have been without a shower. And, yes, I have been known to go without a shower for a couple days, but a week...that's gross. Since Dan and I have chosen to live 200 miles away from our entire family, that leaves us with no one, who because of blood, must take us in. This is certainly one of those moments when I wish that I, too, lived just two miles from my mother as my brother does. Because four people, two of whom are tiny and one of whom manages to make a mess out of everything he touches, need to bathe with some regularity.

I know when this project is over, it will totally be worth it and I will want to spend all my waking hours in my brand new bathroom, but until then I am eternally grateful for that family we have chosen--our friends who have welcomed us into their homes, when they aren't even there no less, to use a shower. I am sure it is kind of win-win. I mean, really, who would want to hang out with a stinky Rabs?

In all seriousness, I know, without any reminders, how lucky we are to have these people in our lives.

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