Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mom Car

We bit the bullet and bought a mini van. This is a very serious milestone in the world of adulthood and parenting, I think. I have been told that it is image suicide and been given looks of disbelief by people who have known me since before I had kids. Of course I said I would never drive a mini van! I didn't have any kids or a dog or luggage, but things change. I am pretty sure that every mom, before she became a mom, uttered the words, "I will never drive a mini van." Who dreams about that? The thing is a little bus. Literally, schools use them as little buses! Before I had kids, a husband, a dog, a house, a life, I'm pretty sure I saw myself driving a Porsche with camel leather interior.

But no, I drive a mini van with greyge leather interior. And it is by far the nicest car I have ever owned. Could I have put up a fight? Gotten another Highlander? Pushed for the environmentally menacing Sequoia? Probably. But somehow sacrificing your image is a noble trade-off for slowly destroying the Earth with your car. And we still have a Prius, just to balance out our carbon footprint.

The truth about the mini van...it isn't a mom car it is a kid car. With a widescreen, dual playing DVD player, reclining captain seats in the back, and doors that close with a tiny push of a button-- I'm simply a chauffeur for the tiny bosses in the back. And, I would just like to point out, I am a mom. Besides car seats would be just as detrimental to my image if they were in the back seat of a Porsche. Seriously.

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