Friday, February 3, 2012


I am so excited to get this ball rolling! At the end of the summer, I wanted to make it a weekly thing, but as we all know I couldn't even making blogging about anything a weekly thing. This time around I smartened up and sent my document to many moms whom I love and adore, so they are stockpiled and I can just dip in an pull one out each week. Yay me! And yay for the moms who surround me and are plain 'ole fabulous!

I'm not surprised that Izzy was the first to get back to me. If people think that I am Type A, well then, Izzy is Type AA to the A. I say that with the greatest amount of love. I think we all thought that she would be a mother first because she just takes care of people. Since college she has been my medical go to talking me down from every hypochondriac ledge I managed climb. And now she is a real mama and my first featured "Momfluence."

Q: How old were you when you became a mother?
A: 31

Q: How old are your child(ren)?
A: 3 years old and 3 months old

Q: What is your favorite part of being a mom?
A: The hugs and the smiles

Q: What is your least favoirte part of being a mom?
A: The sleepless nights and the worrying

Q: Stay at home or working out of the home?
A: Working part-time out of the home

Q: What was teh hardest part of becoming a mom?
A: Sleepless nights; recreating blance in relationship with husband; having no time for self

Q: How did you choose your kids names?
A: Lily from a song by Matt Pond. then we had signes to name her that! My great aunt is Lillian. Middle name [Paige] for Jason's great grandfather. Bryant is from Alabama football coach Paul Bear Bryant. Middle name, Collin, is from my second cousin in Scotland. Two "l"s because Lily has two "l"s in Lillian.

Q: What is the best parenting advice you can give?
A: Just roll with it!

Q:Who are your mom role models?
A: My friends with older children!

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