Monday, May 14, 2012

Yes, I am Mom Enough

Everyone is talking about it.  Okay, maybe not everyone, because I have asked a few people and they had no idea what I was talking about.  I did not read the actual article posted in Time, but I read countless posts and blogs, both supporting the article and those offended by the article.  And I feel that i have a voice, and it is important that I use it.  Would I nurse until my children were three, well, I have a three year old and, no, I wouldn't.  Did I nurse my children. Yes, I did.  I also had a (close your eyes squeamish) a vaginal (oh!) birth, and I didn't use drugs.  And I know so many wonderful mothers who did have an epidural or a c-section.  Does that somehow make them less of a mother?  I also know amazing women who adopted, in fact, if it weren't for adoption I would not be married to the most amazing man I know.  Does that make my mother-in-law less of a mother?

I must repeat, I did not read the actual article, but the title alone was enough.  We do what we can, what we are capable of, to be the best mothers we can be to our children.  We feed them, we love them, we tuck them in, we give them shelter, we hug them, we kiss them, we grow them in our wombs, we grow them in our hears, we obsess over scrapes and bruises and rashes and bug bites, we lose sleep, we lose hair, we lose waist lines, we are all mom enough whether we nurse for one month, ten months, thirty-six months, or no months.   Because once you fine out you are going to be a mother, no matter how that happens, you are mom enough.

To all the mothers I have, and I assure you there are a lot, and to all the mothers I know, you are all mom enough and to the mothers to be, you will be, too.  Sleep easy, friends.

Happy Mother's Day.

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