Tuesday, May 15, 2012

But He's So Cute...

Last night I went into Joey's room, because of the odd noises I was hearing, to find him perched on the dresser placing wipes on the lightbulb in the lamp in his room.

"Joey, what are you doing?  That isn't safe."
"I know, Mommy.  Remember when there was smoke?"
"What?!  Get down!"

This morning I went into Joey's room to find all of the dresser drawers open and every article of clothing on the floor.

"Joey, are you going to pick that up?"

On Mondays, I have to bribe Joey with iPad usage and lollipops in order to get him into the pool for swimming lessons, to stay in the pool at swimming lessons, and to listen to the teacher.  That poor teacher.   She seems like the sweetest 17-21 year old girl, who clearly has more patience than I.   Week after week she kindly asks Joey not to splash her or his classmates, to please stay seated on the steps until his turn, and regularly rescues him from near drowning jumps into water which he refuses to remember is too deep for him to stand in.   Sometimes, I want to hide, so the other mother's who are also paying for lessons and whose children are not getting the same attention because of my child's antics, can't shoot their judgement at me.

He is my second child; he is three; he is a boy-- I'm sure all of these are contributors to this behavior.  But I still cover my eyes and shake my head, while the woman sitting next to me says, "But he's so cute."

Indeed he is, and it's a good thing.

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