Sunday, August 16, 2009

Karma's a Bitch

Yesterday, after hours of driving to New Jersey, I took Natalie to play at Wood Dale Park. (where parties of ten or more need a permit, FYI) There were three other children there, roughly her age-- two boys and another little girl. Natalie feels that it is very important to immediately introduce herself to all children in the hopes that they will befriend her. Therefore, we met, Paul and his twin sister Mariel and a rather unpleasant little boy, Noah.

Paul and Mariel were very happy to play with Natalie. Noah on the other hand decided that the entire playground belonged to him and the plastic superheroes he brought with him. They (the superheroes) took over the one slide that was not in direct sunlight, which consequently was the only slide that the children could go down without suffering third degree playground burns. The three children with manners, Paul, Mariel and my Natalie, waited patiently, albeit confused, as Noah screamed in their faced, "MINE!" I believe his mother reacted only because the twins' mother and myself were ready to step in. "Noah," she said somehow condescending to us rather than him, "this is a playground for everyone, not just you." At which point Noah launched himself on the ground and began screaming, then picked up two fistfuls of mulch and threw them (redeeminingly) at no one in particular. Following this show, he ran over to the tire swing, pushed it with vigor only to have it swing back and knock him in the head. I took a deep breath, bit my lip, and although I knew he was only three or so, thought soundly to myself... karma.

Tonight, as I pretended to do work (in between scanning online tabloids and Facebook) I remembered seeing some TastyCake cupcakes in my mother's pantry. Now, I would NEVER dare to buy such a box of devil cakes, but I knew they were in there AND they were already open. And although the hour was really too late to eat them, I could see the picture of the weird, trans fat infested, high fructose corn syrup laden creamy filling and needed to have them. So I went to the pantry, took a package of cupcakes ready for the white sugar filling, only to bite into them to find solid chocolate. Normally, I wouldn't complain about this, but I was soooooooo in the mood for that artifical creme.

I ate both cupcakes to spite Karma for punishing me for finding a small amount of pleasure in Noah from the playground's punishment. I have a distinct feeling that this battle is going to end badly, for me.

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