Monday, August 31, 2009

Mums the Word

Yesterday, after omelets, Dan asked if I wanted to take a ride to IKEA. This idea excited me, because we are not a spontaneous people (with two kids and all). So we packed 'em up and drove down to the superstore. On the way there, Dan asked me what I wanted to look at. I was of course ready to redecorate the entire house in inexpensive Danish modern, but alas, I knew that was unrealistic. So, I settled for the following list: new kitchen chairs, some sort of kitchen hutch/sidebar type thing, and new storage for our overflowing playroom. I foolishly believed that I would leave with all of these things, too.

As it turns out, we were really at IKEA for Dan, who with a very clear purpose, led us to the home office section of the store where he picked up the items that he knew he wasn't leaving without.

Sure, we strolled through the kitchen department, and he feigned patience as I sat in a few different styles of chairs. There was, however, no looking at hutch/sidebars. We did spend quite some time considering storage options for the playroom, and Dan took a booklet with measurements and options. But I was empty handed. My little piece of paper and miniature golf pencil was not put to use at all. At this point Dan was, and I quote, "All set."

But what about me? Where are my kitchen chairs? I was disappointed to say the least and determined not to leave this store without something. I mean, I came all the way here under the guise that I was going to leave with something Dan would have to assemble when we returned home.

The IKEA people have specifically designed their store for people like me. We made our exit through the marketplace where I was overwhelmed by glasses I don't need, but want, kitchen utensils I still don't have, and would buy if I had, say, a sidebar with drawers where I could store them, scented candles that I would never light, and a variety of plants that I would inevitably neglect and kill. Then, we hit the carpets and against the wall I saw a full sized carpet of crimson with gold mums. It was like a beacon calling out to me, "Put me in your house, please." Ideas were racing in my head, where would I put this area rug. We need a new one in the bedroom, but the colors are really right. I just replaced the one in the living room, so that doesn't make practical, logical self couldn't find a way to make this work. IKEA heard me.

There in the corner of the store was the same pattern in a hallway runner. For a mere $40, I left IKEA without kitchen chairs, but smiling nonetheless.

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