Friday, October 22, 2010


When I was preggers with Natalie, I put a ban on Elmo. There was something about this furry red monster that annoyed the hell out of me. And while Elmo books made their way into our house and even an extreme Tickle Me Elmo who literally falls over and convulses with laughter- Natalie never really got into him. I think he was below her intelligence - for serious. She was a Dora girl through and through only to be replaced by her older cousin Diego and ultimately The Little Einsteins. So my worries of having to hear Elmo's annoying little baby voice were unwarranted.

That is until the Bro Bro started to walk to his book basket and say, "Melmo." Or point to the TV and say, "Melmo." Honestly, of all the words this child has decided to learn how to say, he says, "Melmo." Seriously, the kid can only say like fifteen things and with my luck, "Melmo" is one of them. He's obsessed. I now travel with Elmo books; books that have been collecting dust for the past four years because Natalie couldn't be bothered with such age appropriate reading at the time. Tickle Me Elmo rides along in the care going everywhere we do. Although we can't turn him on, because his laughter scares my sweet, sensitive little hurricane. I go out of my way to find episodes of Sesame Street and Play with me Sesame that feature Elmo.

I still find Elmo annoying and his damn song will be stuck in my head for days, but I've decided it is better than him running around the house saying, "Yo Gabba Gabba." Because that show is just messed up.

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