Sunday, October 24, 2010

This Week

  • pick up Dan's shirts from the dry cleaner (they were ready last Wednesday)
  • food shop
  • prepare snacks for Natalie's class (cheese and crackers per Natalie's request)
  • drive Natalie to school
  • transfer the bro from car to crib for nap
  • laundry/tidy/exercise
  • shower
  • wake bro up :( and pick Natalie up from school
  • preapre dinner of Acorn Squash with Spiced Couscous
  • Gymboree from 6:30-9:30 for no good reason other than to get out of the house without any children
  • watch neighbor's child in the morning
  • pack Natalie snack for after care
  • drive Natalie to school
  • transfer the bro from the car to the crib for his nap
  • tidy/exercise
  • shower
  • prepare dinner of Turkey Poblano Chili
  • Pick Natalie up from "Theuter" Sports
  • Attend parent meeting for Natalie's Daisy troop
  • Meet friends for late night (8pm) adult beverage, which has had to be rescheduled three times
  • Glee on DVR
  • stay n' play group
  • bagel lunch because that is what we do on Wednesdays
  • drive Natalie to school
  • transfer the bro from car to crib for nap
  • laundry/exercise
  • shower
  • wake up bro :( and pick Natalie up from school
  • await Nannie's arrival
  • prepare dinner of Zucchini and Potato Latkes and Mini Greek Pizza Muffins
  • prepare craft for library
  • use Nannie's presence and exercise in the am
  • shower
  • leave the bro with the Nannie and take Natalie to school
  • conference with Natalie's teacher
  • volunteer for library duty at Nat's school
  • release Natalie from school early
  • Change into costumes for Downtown trick or treat
  • Meet up with Suzy and Aurora to trick or treat at local storefronts
  • Pick up dinner of Chinese food
  • wrangle sugar high children to bed
  • stay up too late watching Thursday night television
  • bye bye Nannie
  • take Natalie to school
  • transfer the bro from car to crib for nap
  • exercise
  • shower
  • wake up bro :( and pick up Natalie from school
  • play on school playground
  • prepare dinner of Oaxacan Chicken
  • breathe
  • suggest to Dan we should prepare and can chicken stock leaving him to do most of the work :)
  • Natalie to birthday party
  • prepare (Dan) dinner using new homemade stock - Chicken Noodle?
  • exercise...maybe
  • laundry
  • drive to Manch, NH for Halloween party hosted by the college roomie/bestie (suggest to family to fill up on food, because there will be no time to eat at home)
  • return home and prepare for Hudson, MA trick or treat
  • hand candy out to small, cute children who actually say, "Trick or Treat"; hassle kids who are not in costume, too old and rude
  • put children to bed
  • steal pieces of Natalie's loot in lieu of eating a proper dinner

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