Sunday, October 31, 2010

This Week in Review

not so much
but wait, I'll tell you a story

  • pick up Dan's shirts from the dry cleaner (they were ready last Wednesday)
  • food shop
  • prepare snacks for Natalie's class (cheese and crackers per Natalie's request) We were all set to purchase our Triskets and cheese, when overwhelmed by the choices in cracker and cookie aisle (one which we rarely go down) Natalie changed her mind to cheese flavored rice cakes and red grapes
  • drive Natalie to school
  • transfer the bro from car to crib for nap
  • laundry a load when into the machine, but that's as far as I got with it/tidy/exercise the exercising would have happened if it hadn't been for the previous night's sleep or lack thereof. But since I didn't exercise, I used the time to...I don't really know how I used that time
  • shower - this happened, but not until 7:30 pm
  • wake bro up :( and pick Natalie up from school
  • prepare dinner of Acorn Squash with Spiced Couscous
  • Gymboree from 6:30-9:30 for no good reason other than to get out of the house without any children I am not saving the world here people, I found someone to cover the shift who needs the work more than I need to get out of the house and did I mention my poor sleep?
  • watch neighbor's child in the morning
  • pack Natalie snack for after care
  • drive Natalie to school
  • transfer the bro from the car to the crib for his nap
  • tidy/exercise and bonus laundry
  • shower I had hoped, since I didn't have to wake the Bro to get the Sis, that I would dry and straighten my hair, but it would figure that on the one day of the week that I don't need to wake him, he wakes from his nap at 2pm. So he and I went to storytime
  • prepare dinner of Turkey Poblano Chili made by 11am and I made a batch of pumpkin muffins
  • Pick Natalie up from "Theuter" Sports
  • Attend parent meeting for Natalie's Daisy troop
  • Meet friends for late night (8pm) adult beverage, which has had to be rescheduled three times the first place we went to as brown Lisa put it, "smelled as though the floor should be sticky." Although there were people older than us there, I felt old and out of place. So we headed to Chloe's, and while my cider-tini was tasty, it literally took a half hour to get it to the table and we were sitting in the bar section. But fun nonetheless
  • Glee on DVR
  • stay n' play group
  • bagel lunch because that is what we do on Wednesdays
  • drive Natalie to school
  • transfer the bro from car to crib for nap
  • laundry/exercise
  • shower
  • wake up bro :( and pick Natalie up from school
  • await Nannie's arrival she told me she was going to leave "late morning"
  • prepare dinner of Zucchini and Potato Latkes and Mini Greek Pizza Muffins I just didn't have it in me with the realization that we needed to carve a pumpkin, finish up the butterfly wings, and I would have had to go to the supermarket for tomato paste - we ordered Chinese Food
  • prepare craft for library by "prepare" I mean Google "pumpkin craft"
  • finish butterfly wings for the first of five Halloweens
  • carve at least one pumpkin and roast seeds par for the course - rescheduled for Friday evening
  • use Nannie's presence and exercise in the am Nannie's presence was used to buy us breakfast at the diner. I opted for a spinach omelet rather than the banana nut pancakes I really wanted. We hit the library for a quick pumpkin book search, but were derailed on our timeline when we walked right into "Sing-a-long with Debbie". We left we a new activity for Thursday mornings and signed up for storytimes for both the Bro and Natalie on Tuesdays
  • shower AND I dried my hair AND straightened it AND put some lipstick on...WHAT?
  • leave the bro with the Nannie and take Natalie to school
  • conference with Natalie's teacher
  • volunteer for library duty at Nat's school
  • release Natalie from school early
  • Change into costumes for Downtown trick or treat
  • Meet up with Suzy and Aurora to trick or treat at local storefronts
  • Pick up dinner of Chinese food since we moved Chinese to Wednesday night, this left us without a plan. We went to a very crowded (with downtown trick or treaters) Horseshoe Pub, where the people sitting next to us, told us we had the best behaved children in the entire restaurant and told me I was doing a great job - it's nice to hear that from strangers every once and a while AND it made me love my kids even more than I already do.
  • wrangle sugar high children to bed they were actually super tired and only ate two pieces of candy. Natalie opted for Whoppers and a pixie stick - which did have some sugar backlash, but she was only able to eat half since she stuck the stick in her mouth, it got wet, and I had to rip it off. The Bro had a dumdum lolly and a bag of pretzels.
  • stay up too late watching Thursday night television
  • bye bye Nannie
  • take Natalie to school we then stayed to watch Natalie and her classmates parade around the playground in their costumes.
  • transfer the bro from car to crib for nap
  • exercise
  • shower
  • wake up bro :( and pick up Natalie from school Dan was working from home, so I was able to leave the Bro with him.
  • play on school playground I had forgotten that the Middle School students were hosting a Halloween Fair at school, so we stayed for that and won a pumpkin cake in the cake walk.
  • prepare dinner of Oaxacan Chicken I was going to make the latkes for dinner, but we didn't get home until 5:30. Mini quiches for the kids and Dan and I ate leftovers in an effort to both clean the fridge and not waste food.
  • breathe Carved a pumpkin (Swiper) then fell asleep on the couch
  • suggest to Dan we should prepare and can chicken stock leaving him to do most of the work :) Dan was more than happy to do this, and he did it all on Friday
  • Natalie to birthday party
  • prepare (Dan) dinner using new homemade stock - Chicken Noodle? Since I was going to make the latkes yesterday, that put the Chicken here, but again we were derailed with last minute errands, luckily our neighbor asked if we wanted to leave Natalie at her house to play, so Dan, the Bro and I headed off and ordered a pizza on the way home.
  • exercise...maybe 2.5 miles, 200 situps, and 65 pushups - good enough
  • laundry
  • drive to Manch, NH for Halloween party hosted by the college roomie/bestie (suggest to family to fill up on food, because there will be no time to eat at home) Natalie did try to fill up on white chocolate covered kettle corn
  • return home and prepare for Hudson, MA trick or treat
  • hand candy out to small, cute children who actually say, "Trick or Treat"; hassle kids who are not in costume, too old and rude I actually stood at the door and waited for kids to say, "Trick or Treat" You can ask my neighbor, she watched it happen
  • put children to bed
  • steal pieces of Natalie's loot in lieu of eating a proper dinner 100 Grand, Mini Milkyway Midnight, Mini Reese's Dark, plus some wine at the neighbors while waiting for children to actually say, "Trick or Treat" Dinner of champs!

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