Saturday, January 15, 2011

Health Nut

Natalie is learning about the body and nutrition in school. I'm all for nutrition and health, but I am finding it interesting, frustrating, and entertaining how a five-year-old processes this information.

I make 90% of our meals. I am not perfect, we do eat out and order happens. But most of the time, I am meal mapping, cooking, and Dan will tell you always substituting something in a recipe. If it calls for sour cream, chances are mine is made with nonfat plain yogurt. If it is a baked good with butter or oil, chances are mine is made with applesauce, that Dan and I made and he canned to boot! If we need sugar, which I do have, but often opt for honey (bought locally), pure maple syrup or agave nectar. We never have white rice...on the rare occasions that rice hits the table it is brown. All of our bread is multigrain and homemade. That's right folks...I haven't bought a loaf of bread in over a year! My man makes us a loaf whenever I request one. Our pasta is Barilla Plus, and I buy dry beans and hydrate them. In fact, the only staples we have in this house at all times are milk (mainly for the Bro), eggs (bought from the farm of boy in Nat's class), and butter. Everything else is on a week to week, meal mapped basis. I go out of my way to find ways to make things we love healthier for us.

So Saturday, after we went to Chuck E. Cheese as a super special surprise for Natalie, and she ate Chuck E. Cheese pizza, which I assure you was most definitely not healthy and then begged and pleaded for the pink cotton candy, which I also allowed her to have, she tried to tell me that the dinner that I was going to prepare was unhealthy.

Did you read the intro paragraph to this post?

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