Friday, January 14, 2011

Protect Mode

Dan has arrived home after a long, lonely week without him. Granted, normally he is at work all day, so that wasn't so different, but the evening hours were missing something. And now that he is home, I feel that for the first time all week I can actually relax and let my guard down. Dan informed me that I was in "protect mode." I didn't know that this existed separate from just plainly being a mother. Now, as much as I want to spend time with him, all I really want is to close my eyes and have a good night's sleep (without Natalie in my bed kicking me - as though it weren't enough that she kicked me for six months from the inside - oh and she was a KICKER!) and let someone else worry for the night.

All this time I thought being a dad was the best gig ever, come home, be fun, throw the kids around and they go to bed an hour later...but it is kind of exhausting.

And for my mom friends who have husbands who travel regularly, relocated, work the evening shift, are schooling...kudos to you ladies. I don't know how you do it, but you all do it well!

On that note, I hope your husbands, wives, partners, lovers, whathaveyous, are with you tonight and your evening is a little longer (in a good way) and definitely less lonely!

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