Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's the Point?

In late fall, Dan and I went out to dinner with our friends Brendan and Kim. Towards the end of our evening, talk of my blog came up, about which Brendan asked me, "What's the point? What are you trying to achieve?" It started as a place for me to use a skill or talent, I guess. I mean, I have always been able to write, so maybe all these years I thought I was talentless, I just didn't realize that not everyone could do this. A place where I could vent for lack of a better word. A place that belonged to just me and what I think.

And then people I know started approaching me about this blog. "I read your blog and..." "What I love about your blog is...." My friend Jess, yes you Jess Rowse Moran, always refers to my blog when we chat, and I love it. We don't get to sit down with each other for long amounts of time and have conversations over coffee, but she reads my blog and we find commonalities.
And there are people who read this blog and blog themselves might I add (check out the other Kristen Dattoli) who are so fabulously different from me.

So maybe the point is that it is nice to have a perspective for people to read and cling to and let out a deep sigh of relief that someone else feels the same way and maybe the point is to read this and let out a deep sigh of relief that my life is not your life.

Maybe the point is that it is here to be whatever you need it to be, just as it is for me. But a book contract and an adapted screenplay would be a good point, too. ;)


  1. I'm here and reading. Love the new look! Happy new year!

  2. Ha! I love being called out as a big K. Rabs Blabs fan!! Boo to bath time and hooray for coffee!!

  3. I frequently find my self asking WWKD?