Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blog Block

I have blog block. I thought if I just start writing, something would come out and be interesting and inspiring and witty. I literally have spent hours thinking about things to write. Sidebar: "literally" so I am told is the intelligent person's "like." Fun tidbit I thought I would share. But for real. I have like, literally spent hours thinking. Last night, after being awoken at 2am, I tossed and turned and thought about topics.

There is fodder. I have two tiny people who keep be both entertained and frustrated simultaneously. The bro bro has gone from being a force of nature to a garden gnome. The little boy causes mischief and then laughs at it. Not to mention, he can now get himself out of his crib and his room, so one never really knows when he will show up right behind you. "Mommy, look what I do. I get out." This new ability is a little unnerving. As he likes to take out step stools and try to make his own food, "I got it. I can doooooo it!" He has also taken a habit of climbing onto the chair in his room, to the space heater (which is not on), to the changing table, which will inevitably lead him to falling off the changing table. Also, just to keep it all interesting, he is the perfect height to hit the counter edges and he runs....everywhere, usually looking behind himself to see if anyone is taking the bait and chasing him.

I believe these are called the "terrible twos." We just had never experienced them with Natalie. Sassy threes, and fours, and fives, but never terrible twos.

Block blogged. Ahhhhh. I feel better now.

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