Monday, September 12, 2011

Boy Friends

In July, my dear, sweet Steven got married. It was an important wedding for me, made even more important when Steve and Scott asked me if I would do a reading, making me a part of their celebration. After the rehearsal dinner, on the ride home, I went on and on and on about how I really felt that we (Dan and I) were part of something. As a friend, as an educator, and as a mother trying to raise two children to be open minded and accepting of everyone-- this wedding meant something to me. He mocked me for my sentimentality, which doesn't happen often (being sentimental that is), but when all was said and done and the wedding was over, Dan felt the same way.

If I tell you that Steve was a fresh faced twenty-three year old when I met him, whatever you imagine, it was fresher than that. He has an energy and charisma about him can sometimes seem like he has ADHD and is on speed, and I mean that in a positive way. His spirit is highly contagious and to know him is to love him...and I do. So when he asked little, 'ole me to be a part of the most important day of his life, I was beside my self with emotion and gratitude. For real, I sent him a thank you card.

But my friendship with Steve is a threesome that includes neither my husband nor his. The trifecta or the "A Team" as our friend Tracy so "kindly" dubbed us includes the dear, sweet Jason. For an high energy as Steve is, Jason is as equally introspective. These two boys are truly foils of each other and somehow I was lucky enough to get brought along for the ride. Before Steve's wedding, it had been over a year that Jason and I had seen each other, and as I told him at the wedding, I knew I missed seeing him and talking with him, but until I did for TWO nights in a row I didn't realize just how much I really missed him. Jason has always likened his friendship to being in the mafia and once your in, your in for life and that is true.

Our times together are sporadic, but we certainly make them count; memories that make us laugh until we cry when we are lucky enough to all three of us be together. So here we were, brought together again for this wedding. This very important wedding that was about love, and life, and the journey that we all choose to take together. Dan will mock me for this sentimentality, but that is how I feel about these boys.

Jason's mom took this picture and then she looked at the three of us and smiled and said, "You three are going to be friends for life." And I'd like to believe that.

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