Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Off She Goes

It was a very long summer. I mean, really looooong. We end school early and start late, so we have a full three month of summer vacay. We were doing really well until the the second and third weeks of August, when we just ran out of things to do and I ran out of steam to make things fun. Those weeks, I couldn't wait for school to start. FULL DAYS! Full days where Natalie would be off learning and being with kids and not wondering, like me, what on earth are we going to do today. I love the school year and it's busy routine. LOVE IT!

Today is Natalie's first day of school-- 8:30-3:30 full day. Backpack, lunch box, pink yoga mat (a first grade essential), and she was ready to go. Up before seven, she was dressed and ready for her special first day of school breakfast. She told me she had butterflies in her stomach as we approached our beloved Oak Meadow, but when we pulled up at the drop off, out she went. That was it. All I had time to do was yell, "I love you!" and then she was gone to school.

I am both excited and a little sad...but I think I will be more excited than sad as the week goes on. ;)

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