Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Jersey Shore and So Much More

Last week we went on our second annual Jersey Shore vacation. Irene be damned, we headed down on Monday to Lavalette to a house that was in no way, shape, or form impacted by the hurricane. With us, we brought perfect beach weather. It was cloudless and sunny and breezy and perfect. Did I say that already? The house is also pretty great. It sits right on the bay, which is perfect for our little ones and only two blocks down from the ocean. The house comes equipped with bikes for all sizes, tandem and trailer - We parked the car on Monday night when we arrived and didn't get back in until Saturday when we left (almost, we did have to drive to beautiful, scenic Seaside for the boardwalk). When we weren't biking, we could use kayaks for one and two. Natalie and I went out on the bay for what felt like hours, just paddling along through the little marina by the house, watching while others were tubing, jet skiing, and paddle boarding. It was great fun.

But you don't really want to hear about how very perfect it all was. No, no you don't. What you want to hear about is the house. I could move into this house. I wish I owned this house, because the owners rent the main house and there is an apartment upstairs that they occupy when they come down. So no matter what, whomever that have in the house, they still get to go to the shore whenever they want and use their bikes and kayaks, too. Last year and this, we passed them at the doorstep, although their entrance in separate from ours. I am not sure when exactly they arrived, but I know it was some time on Friday. While they have a separate entrance and all, the room in which Natalie sleeps shares a wall with it. I happened to be in the second bed in her room that last night, and I could hear them unpacking and flip flopping around. Whatever. Until, at 3am, I heard a creaking and banging that startled me out of sleep. I am a very light sleeper to begin with, but this was loud, and at first I thought someone was in the room with Natalie and me. Creaking, banging, and heavy breathing....they were having S-E-X! There was no way for me not to hear them, so I laid, wide eyed in my bed hoping and praying that it would stop. For the love of ears and mind, I hoped it would stop. This is something that I only thought happened in movies. Dan scoffed at me, "It's like sleeping in a motel." To which I responded, "I have never slept in that kind of motel."

The next morning we saw them on the doorstep. Ugh.

Did I mention how perfect the weather was?

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