Monday, June 4, 2012

But He's So Cute, Part II

I know it was brazen of me, but this morning I left Joey unattended so that I could go to the bathroom.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I probably should have known he was up to no good, because he didn't come into the bathroom with me.  I came back to this:

I was without words.     The black sharpie began on the white tiled counter and continued onto the yellow walls.  And there stood my little boy, chest puffed, smiling face radiating, "Mommy, I made you a present.  Ta-da!  It's a rainbow!"  He was so proud and ll I could say was, "Oh no, oh no, oh no!"  His faced dropped, knowing that he had done something he shouldn't have.  Dan came and whisked him away while I frantically tried to erase this permanent marker with a sponge.   The day continued with a series of artistic mishaps including, but not limited to, finding Joey, laundry dumped on the floor, basket turned over as a step stool, and a little three and a half year old boy painting his face with makeup.

I hung my head-- defeated.  Why?  Natalie never did this...or did she?  Each time I looked at the "present"I shook my head, and then I remembered a little girl, about three and a half who had sound some primer in her soon to be new room.  Primer+three year old+leather chair = Kristen frantically trying to remove with a wet sponge. And while she never really got into makeup, there was a "Vaseline Party" incident that required quite a bit of clean up, and the time I had to take her to the doctor for an inexplicable rash starting at her armpit and going down the side of her little body...culprit?  She was putting on deodorant.  

Sometimes I wonder if it a boy thing, today I realized it is a three-year-old thing.   

But at least they are cute, right?

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