Friday, September 4, 2009

Mosaic House Revisited

Today on the back end of our walk, European neighbor lady was hard at work tiling her chimney. Natalie and I stopped to stare at work. I stared because I am bizarrely mesmorized by its weirdness and Natalie stopped because she thinks it is cool. I know this because she asked if we could tile the front of our house.

Since Neighbor was outside, I asked if it would be ok if Natalie took a closer look at what she was doing. She was delighted to show us an up close view of her tiling work and I learned the following:

1. She is from Vienna, Austria
2. Her tiling is inspired by an Austrain artist, whose name I don't remember, who does this to entire apartment buildings in Austria.
3. She began tiling the front of her house, because she tiled everything inside that could be done, kitchen, bathroom, et al, and her patio, which she was more than happy to take us to see.
4. She is fully aware that all the neighbors think her tiled house is crazy, and she doesn't care. The artist in me respected this, even though, I do think it is crazy.
5. She is also aware of the fact that nobody will buy her house now.
6. She has two cats, Giocomo and Leonardo, and they are skittish.
7. She is into orange in a weird way.
8. She has two daughters, one in college the other a junior in high school and they bought a car together.
9. She is embarrased by her husband's Toyota Tacoma, which I found amusing since I now know that not only is the front of her house tiled, but the entire patio and inside is as well.


  1. Next time ask if you can take a picture!

  2. Giocomo and Leonardo!! like those names... this post made me laugh a lot - i hope you post a picture too.