Sunday, October 4, 2009

Guilty Conscience

I have something I have to get off my chest. I have been detoxing from processed foods and refined sugars three weeks tomorrow. In that time have I been perfect? No, but I have stayed pretty damn close...until today. Today we went to the "Welcome Back Fall Festival" at Natalie's school, which boasted a donut eating contest, a popcorn machine, and a bake off...need I say more?

How does one pass up a bake off? I donated another two dollars of my husband's money to the school to make a *small plate that held:
a piece of fudge
a bite size piece of a chocolate covered chocolate baked good
a quarter of a carrot cake sandwich (which I voted for, FYI - YUM!)
a waste of space toffee covered saltine - LAME
some sort of almond square similar to a magic bar but not nearly as delicious
chocolate torte
a whipped cream meringue thing

*I would just like to note these were all pieces, literally a bite and I shared the majority of them with Dan. He does not do chocolate covered chocolate baked goods.

I feel very guilty about this because hours after we returned home, I had decided since I already ate all that toxic sugar, I shamefully had a triangle of scallion pancake and three pieces of General Gao Chicken from the *Chinese food that we ordered last night.

*I had steamed chicken with vegetables.

Since I have already fallen so far off the wagon, I have given into the notion that I will consume both pizza and drink beer this evening while watching football with my husband.

Thanks for listening. I feel better and will begin detoxing yet again tomorrow.

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