Friday, October 9, 2009

They Like Me, They Really Like Me

Today, when I dropped Natalie off at school, supermom and class mother extraordinaire, Elana asked if I had time for her to "pick my brain." Honestly, for the life of me I couldn't imagine what in my brain was worth anything to her, but she stopped me and Suzy to enlist us in a "Top 10" project because she thinks we are funny.

WHA? I told Elana that I needed to call my mother and tell her this, because my family thinks that I am seriously uptight. To which she laughed. Only I think she laughed because she thought I was kidding....but I wasn't. I believe the other truth that I have told Elana that has sent her into this delusional tailspin of misinterpreted humor is:

One day she asked if I had my hair cut, which in itself if funny because who has time for a haircut when there is Facebook farming and blogging to do? I assured her that I had not gotten a haircut, I was just clean. Again, I think she thought this was a joke, but I have recently found maximum personal hygiene is so not a priority in my life. I brush my teeth and change my undies and am pretty much on my way. I did not overshare that last bit. That's just for you all. ;)

So now I am under all this pressure to be funny for a pre-school top ten list of why you should come to the Scholastic Book Fair. Yes, you read that right. I am making a funny list about a book fair. Further, Suzy (other funny mom and professional writer) thinks we should meet for coffee and brainstorm together. It is wonderful to be accepted, but at what cost? I am going to have to chew some gum, drink large amounts of caffeine, and unclog some pores over this list.

On a totally unrelated note - the followers are coming in droves! Yay for Emily. If you haven't checked out her own blog, you must. And while you are checking her out, link to the Smitten Kitchen, too if only just to look at beautiful food you aren't going to make yourself. (That one is really for you, Steve)

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