Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not What I Intended

So I was totally going to post about my wildly eccentric European neighbor, who I have a new found love for and in tomorrow's post you will find out why. How is that for a cliff hanger? But when I signed on to fill you in on her amazing Austrian whimsy (how I wish I could spend a day with her) I found that I had a new friend following my blog, which made me more excited than Eurpoean neighbor's Halloween decorated orange VW bug. DAMN! I gave it away. But bienvenidos a Jen Reed! Jen and I were mates in many a Spanish class at UNH and partied hard to Ricky Martin in Grana, which is Spanish for Granada. Que fantastico!

JFK Airport circa 1998

I believe this is taken at the end of the first semester abroad en frente de estatua de Reina Isabel y Cristobol Colon. If not, it is Plaza Real.

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  1. I feel so honored! Man my looks have changed (slimmed down to say the least). Thanks for thinking me Kristen. keep up the blog, I totally love reading it!