Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Loose Ends

I. A Face for the Name
1. Meet Alissa
i. she married my male best friend from college
a. yes, boy friends do eventually ( in 99% of my cases meet girlfriends who you either befriend or lose them both, I decided to fight for the friendship (literally, in a girl passive-aggressive way) and ended up with a new girlfriend - totally worth it)
ii. she loves coffee as much as me
iii. she drinks RED wine
iv. she reads the same books as me
v. she can drink a bottle of Bailey's on her own (no joke, I have seen it done and remind her of it regularly, truthfully, this is probably the reason I love her most)
vi. she birthed ( (ha ha Stevie G.) Joey's BFF a week before he was born)
vii. there is potential that she may one day live near the Hudson, MA area
viii. Alissa is the one who is not Holly, Izzy or me.

II. Halloween Decorations
1. Natalie did these all by herself
i. I began to tell her how she should assemble them, but bit my tongue and walked away as to not afflict her with my anal-retentive disorder

III. Paper Cranes
1. I stopped folding them when people stopped RSVPing
2. I am all done with wedding showers and have moved on to the baby shower and birthday party phase of my life.
i. these days, even a baby shower is a stretch

IV. Haircuts
1. I only posted Joey because I feel like I always blog about the Nattie G. and honestly her hair is still long and gorgeous, but my little man looks like a little man.

V. I feel as though a huge blog weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I may proceed with the scheduled programming.

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  1. Awww! You DO like me! :) And I had some help with that bottle of bailey's if I remember correctly....but I don't remember much about that night so maybe I don't remember correctly.