Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Chanukah, Oh Hannukah

With all the fanfare that surrounds Christmas, although we celebrate the eight nights of Chanukah in the house, it sometimes seems to be a week of presents that brings Natalie closer to Christmas. So for the last night of Chanukah, we invited Natalie's besties over, with their parents and had our very first, "Last Night of Chanukah Latke Party." Of course Natalie did not eat any latkes; she has trouble wrapping her head around the fact that a latke and a french fry really aren't that different, but she had no problem eating the jelly and chocolate munchkins. But, I think, she felt pretty cool that she could light the menorah by herself and sing the prayer, and shared that with her BFs.

Mental note for next year, no matter how cool the Razor scooter that has been on the "I want" list for six months is, it is not nearly as cool as the Hello Kitty activity book and gel pens that your best friends got from "Hannukah Harry".

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