Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As a new year approaches, there are resolutions to be made. I actually make resolutions every morning, evening, and at the start of each new week. Which some people might read as, I am not very good at the follow through. Yes and no. I do have amazing will power and determination-- I just get distracted sometimes. But lately I have been thinking about all the things I have been putting off and should just resolve to do, perhaps once completed I might even have something to blog about - fancy that.

Just last night, as I was finishing my current, thinkless novel, wondering what will I read next? I realized that I have a bookshelf of books, and while I have read most of them, there are a quite a few titles that I have not. Wuthering Heights, for real people? I was an English major, how did I manage to get through my BritLit class without reading that? And furthermore, I was an English teacher - oh the hypocrisy! Little Women, Canterbury Tales, Lord of the Flies...I am hanging my head in shame right now. I have some contemporary stuff on that same shelf as well like, Five People You Meet in Heaven, which is actually not on the same shelf, because my shelf is arranged mostly by genre by time period...maybe that is another thing to work on this coming year...

The Bro's scrapbook. The kid is a year old already and there is a not a page to show for it. Natalie's book spans four years already, which is also on my list. There are three pages left in that one, that have been earmarked for specific events and it just needs to be done. Definitely worthy of at least one future blog entry.

There are little things, like keeping my office desk clean, which will probably prove to be the hardest of them all, painting the office wall (which I think I will tackle this week, maybe even starting tonight), the continuation of wearing "fun socks" and less black on behalf of my little family.

Good luck to all of you on whatever you work towards in 2010, thanks for reading most of 2009 with me, and I will see you on the other side...

Happy New Year!

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