Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You Don't Say

It must be rough to be a four-year-old with an English teacher mom always correcting everything that is said. Although, it is always a proud moment when Natalie stops and self corrects using the appropriate, "Daddy and I watched Sprout today." And she does emphasize that she is saying "I" rather than "me". But there are some words that she says that I just don't want to correct and sad was the day when she came home from school and told me about the "animals" rather than the aminals that for four years she spoke incorrectly, and I secretly cherished.

Other words that I correct but am never disappointed she refuses to say correctly are:

"sawn" as in: "I've sawn that house before. Gabriella's mommy showed me."
"amn't" as in: Mommy: "Natalie, you're being a freshy." Natalie: "NO I AMN'T!"
"telled" as in: "Aurora telled me all about Air Bud today.
"gooder" as in: "Sorry Mommy, but Daddy is just gooder at building that you."
"recatanlge" as in: "I know it isn't a circle; it's a rec-a-tangle"
"Disaney" as in: "Remember when we went to China in Dis-a-ney? I love Dis-a-ney"

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