Friday, December 18, 2009

A Week in Numbers

1 - Number of workouts I was able to fit into a small window of free time
2 - Number of full fledged meltdowns, which included tears, high pitched screams, and undecipherable words, that Natalie had over seemingly insignificant things
3 - Number of times Joey tried to climb into the bathtub
4 - Number of nights Dan was forced to eat the same thing for dinner because I didn't make anything.
5 - Number of times Natalie fell off the kitchen chair after repeatedly being told to sit on her bum.
6- Number of guests hosted for "Last Night of Hanukah Latkes"
7 - Number of times Joey tried to eat a handful of dog food
8 - Number of times I tried to get Joey to say, "Mama" to which he smiled a gummy smile and responded, "Dada dada dada dada dada"
9 - Number of times I drove to Littleton this week
10 - Number of small toys (lite brite bulbs, Polly Pockets accessories, etc.) that needed to be extracted from Joey's mouth.

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