Saturday, February 27, 2010

Family Movie Night

Natalie has just recently started doing the following things: eating pizza and watching movies, and the latter is really with some coersion and promises of nothing scary. Sometimes I wonder why I want her to watch a movie so badly, then I realize it is because I want a legitimate reason to watch these kids (tweeny bopper) movies. Friday night, I decided that it was high time that we have a family movie/pizza/ice cream sundae night. There was originally popcorn in there, but we never really got to it. I actually bought peanut M&Ms, Skittles, and Rasinets, too because what would a movie night be if we didn't have everything we might possibly need. (Now, I need to hide those candies so Dan doesn't eat them while we are all asleep.)

My original plan was to rent the movie Up, but after doing the necessary research to make sure it wouldn't scare Natalie, I decided it wasn't a movie she could handle emotionally. So, we rented G-Force- a movie about FBI trained guinea pigs. I think Dan and I were into more than Natalie was, truly all she cared about was getting to the ice cream sundaes. The bro was interested in his pizza, Natalie's pizza, my pizza and then he just wanted to climb on things and crawl into tight spaces from which I had to pry him out.

Overall, I would say this family movie night was a great success!

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