Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Things I love about Jersey (in no particular order):
  • bagels
  • pizza
  • Casa del Sol
  • My fam, et al. (not all of them, all the time - you know who you are)
  • the cousins table
  • swimming pools
  • treadmill
  • Van Saun
Things I don't love about Jersey
  • the accent
  • the fact that because I don't live here I have to pack which means I have to predict what we might need which means I have to pack ALOT of clothing
  • I share a bed with my daughter who snores and kicks
  • my fam, et al. (you know who you are)
  • Dan never comes with us for more than a night :(
  • the high calorie snacks that my 87-year-old grandmother insists on purchasing, keeping in the downstairs pantry, and telling me about so that I can not possibly find the will power in the late hours of the day to resist them

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