Thursday, March 18, 2010

Infomercial Princess

About a month or so ago, Natalie came upstairs and very specifically asked me for a Glad ForceFlex garbage bag. This is the brand we use in the kitchen, but we have other types of bags, so I assumed that Dan had sent her up to ask for this specific type. She returns upstairs maybe fifteen-twenty minutes later to return said bag. But only after she showed me how she could stick her finger through the bag and it wouldn't tear.

I stood confused. Not that she was sticking her finger through it, but she and I went back and forth as to why Daddy wasn't keeping this bag downstairs. I came to find out, through Dan, that she did bring the bag to him, only to ask how a Glad ForceFlex garbage bag works. He showed her how he could put his fist through it without tearing it, to which she responded, "And it has a stretchy top so it doesn't fall in the garbage can."

Once Dan and I melded our stories together and later saw a commercial for the garbage bags which stated something about the stretchy top, things started to come together.

Since this exchange, Natalie has informed us on how space saver bags really do save a space in the closet and we can shrink down four pillows and two comforters in one bag! AND, they can get wet and our clothes will be fine.

Today, we were in CVS looking for batteries, when Natalie turned to her left, "Oh! Mommy! Look!" What caught her eye, you ask? It would be none other than the Snuggie. "Oh, Mommy, you need this because it will keep you warm and cozy and you can wear it anywhere."

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  1. Our own daughter's similar obsession with infomercials is the reason she is now the proud owner of a Snuggie and a Pillow Pet ("it's a pillow, it's a pet!").