Friday, June 11, 2010

Curious Kristen

This is Kristen.

She lives with Dan the Man, Nattie G. and Joe Joe the Bro Bro.

Kristen is very curious. After reading "Curious George goes to the Hospital" for, seriously, the 900th time, she still doesn't understand why the Man with the Yellow Hat doesn't take George to the vet. Furthermore, Kristen is very curious that no other medical professional at the hospital or the mayor, who is visiting, for that matter questions why there is a monkey causing so much mayhem in said hospital.

Also, Kristen is very curious why the Man with the Yellow Hat also has to wear a yellow outfit all the time. I mean, he is called the Man with the Yellow Hat, not the Man with the Yellow Ensemble. And how does this man get away with taking a monkey to all of these places: the hospital, the candy factory, the pancake breakfast, George is not a helper monkey, he is just a plain old, captured from his native habitat in a canvas bag monkey.

Kristen is curious to know if the Curious George collection is on the challenged or banned book lists anywhere, because in 2010, Kristen doesn't think that Margaret or H.A. Rey would be the acclaimed and beloved author/illustrators they are today.

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