Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Life Cast as Willy Wonka

Tonight Dan wanted to convince me that we should go out to dinner. I can cook, but really, I don't need any convincing for someone else to do it for me.

Natalie tried two, not one, two new things at dinner and liked them both. Neither Dan nor I told her that our chicken taquitos came out as steak taquitos; she thought they were awesome. And if she were a kid that ate any and everything, I would have divulged such information, but like her father, she likes what she likes, so we let her to believe they were chicken.

The bro on the other hand, well, that kid will eat any and everything that you put in front of him. Seriously, I don't even think he cares whether or not it is food. Tonight I placed some deliciously marinated pork on a fork and he grabbed the whole thing from me, just as Augustus Gloop does the microphone in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

"How do you feel about that Bro?"
"Very hungry." said in an Austrian accent if he had any words.

This led me to look at my happy little family and cast them in this classic film. Dan, fer sure, is Willy Wonka. He provides each of us with an equivocated sense of happiness. If only he had a giant factory that was actually full of trees that fruited ginormous gummy bears...listen I have a great man, but that, oh, that, would be tremendous.

Natalie is a little piece of all the characters. One part sincere, beloved Charlie Bucket, the apple of Wonka's eye, one part Veruca Salt, the spoiled girl who indeed gets all that her heart desires, one part Violet Beauregard, lover of gum and candy, one part Mike Teevee, does that really need an explanation?

I am torn, I am part Oompa Loompah, aiding Willy Wonka in that nasty realities of day to day, one part Charlie Bucket's mother, stirring laundry with my giant wooden spoon, making mush, and don't think I have sung "Cheer Up, Charlie" in this house on more than one occasion, and four parts all the other enabling parents that accompany their children to the famed chocolate factory.

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