Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Can See the Light

The truth is, I am too tired to be witty tonight. I am overwhelmed and inundated with prizes for Natalie's end of the year carnival. Dan's office is FULL to the brim with junk that families at Oak Meadow no longer want and wish some other lucky family to to house. At the moment, it is my house. Last night, I spent over an our cutting out letters and gluing them to neon colored posters for our Children's House Prize Table only to ruin three of the five of them this morning - a morning that didn't seem to want to end- and ultimately just had to print boring 8.5x11.5 computer paper print outs because they needed to get to school to be laminated for said carnival.

But tomorrow is date night, and Dan and I are headed to a new tapas restaurant AND I have this fabulous little mosaic of cuteness to share with y'all. Stay tuned for an upcoming fashion show starring my very own Miss Natalie - Betsey Johnson and Patricia Field got nothin' on her!

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