Thursday, February 17, 2011

It Takes a Village

Dan had to travel again for work. And while we have had full days of business, I really miss him. I do believe that I miss him extra this time due to the wave of the stomach bug that is weaving its way around us. And we all know how I just can not even handle the thought of the bug attacking us. Very early this morning, I lay in bed convinced that it was the moment that I would be taken victim. I got out of bed and cleaned all the dishes I had left in the sink, not so much as a distraction, but I was planning a phone chain in my head of who I could call to mind my children and I didn't want anyone to see the dirty dishes. Mind you, this probably should have been my first inkling that it was sheer anxiety making me feel ill and not a virus. But I did the dishes and the I proceeded to clean the bathroom so that if I did get sick, it was clean. As I play it all out now, I realize how insane this all sounds. But at 1am, knowing that I am all alone with my kids, and the people in our lives are dropping like flies, it made perfect sense.

It is not often that I run "home." But if Natalie didn't have dance class late this afternoon, I would have packed the kids up and headed to New Jersey in the hopes that the gaggle of family we have there would come to my aide and take care of me and if not, at the very least, entertain my children for a little while so I could take a little nap....or a valium.

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