Friday, February 25, 2011


My friend, Linda is embarking on a new career path or a similar career path as her own boss, either way, she is starting a business and in the start up process I am able to help her by being a guinea pig. I was nervous at first, as her new business involves coming to my house, going through my clothes, discarding articles on sight because they are old, worn, dated, etc., followed by me trying things on that she can't really determine the fate of as they hang on the hanger, and finally concludes with a shopping trip.

I was ok with the going through the closet part. In fact, I told her that I don't really wear much from the closet because my closet is downstairs and full of mostly work clothes that I don't have much of a need for these days. This did not deter her; she went through it all, we packed most of the old stuff in a bag and managed to make a small pile that was worthy of consignment. Not so bad.

Phase two was all about me trying things on. Ugh. The truth is, that I don't try my clothes in the closet on very often for fear that they no longer fit. While most of them are from after I had Natalie and before I had Joey, there are a few pieces that I am hanging onto from before I had either child and let me assure you, I am not that body anymore. But we forged ahead, and she was first surprised by "how small" I actually am, which took my by surprise, because I don't feel that way. I feel that I used to be "so small" but have had two children by then and now am larger. So even though I was afraid to try on all of these clothes because I don't see myself for who I am, but rather who I no longer am, it turns out they did fit and a good handful of them were too big.

She reassured me that I exercise, regularly, and that I should show that off. Yes, I am usually in work out clothes, but not to look like I am working out, but because I do work out. And when she left, she thanked me for letting her go through my closet, and I thanked her for all the nice things she said to me while I tried my clothes on to which she responded something like, isn't it nice how other people don't see our flaws the way we do.

Everyone should have their closets's refreshing.

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