Friday, February 4, 2011


This morning, at the ripe hour of 6, Dan's alarm went off. Normally this would not bother me as I wake up at this time to get a quick workout in before the kids wake up, but last night I had decided that I would not wake up at 6am and exercise. I had decided that I would exercise later in the day. In hindsight, I should have done it then, because it is later in the day now and I assure you, I have no intentions of running the way I had planned. So instead of running, I checked Facebook, because isn't that what all sane people do in the early morning hours? What I found was a contest, posted by my friend and former colleague, to win four tickets to Toy Story 3 on Ice.
You can click on that to check it out. But if I find out that you won via my blog, I'll be super bummed.

Truth be told, as of 6am I had not seen Toy Story 3. I sent a quick text to Holly, because I knew that she had taken her kids and I thought maybe she could give me some Holly's Notes. And yes, I texted her at 6:30 because we are those kind of friends. She had nothing to give me, so instead of cheating, I had to watch the third one myself. And when I say myself, I mean all by myself. Natalie loved 1 & 2, but just wasn't in to watching 3. When I told her about the contest, she was super into it, so when I inquired as to why she wouldn't watch the movie with me, but wanted me to win the contest, she simply said, "Because it will be on ice, Mommy. And that's cool."

So here I am, on a Friday night, my kids are both asleep, and I am watching Toy Story 3 so that I can win a contest because that would be "cool."

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