Thursday, March 17, 2011


Dan has begun traveling for work, which leaves me "on" with our children all day, every day, until he returns. Last week, I was gone for three days. The first day was particularly difficult for me. I didn't know if Natalie had gotten to school, if Joey had taken a proper nap, if Natalie had made it to dance, if she was properly dressed for dance, or if they were going to have a nutritious dinner. It was beyond stressful; a level which I had never experienced. But now Dan is off, and it is just me. I need to entertain them, feed them, bath them, get them in bed, take out the dog, and feed her too, and the garbage (sort of - I don't really do garbage ). And I will be honest, when Dan is travelling, it is basics in this house--eggs, fruit, eggs, hummus, ya know, the basic foods that everyone keeps in the house.

Tonight we went out for dinner. Natalie's choice. Her first choice was quite crowded since it was a "holiday" (sorry Irish people). And we ended up at Bertuccis. And while they ate their ravioli's on the same side of the booth, because Joey needed to sit next to "Tata." And then they smiled through their Hoodsie cups, I couldn't help but smile, too. That I have this amazing opportunity to do this with them because they are, for sure, the best job I have ever had.

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