Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Family Portrait

It isn't easy getting all four of us in a picture. Most of our family portraits are of Dan and the kids, since I am usually taking the picture. It is kind of sad when I think about it. At the holidays, when we are dressed nicely, I always think that it will be nice to have a portrait, but the truth is, that they never really come out great. As it turns out, nice clothes does not guarantee a nice picture, go figure.

Yesterday, when Dan decided we should go on a little impromptu snow hike to see some raging water falls, he was taking pictures to track the mini hike on his trail blog. Lightbulb, let's take a picture of the four of us. And wouldn't you know, it is one of the best family pictures (not that there are many to compete with) that we have.

It is the pictures like this that make me realize how truly perfect my little family is, even if Natalie tells me everyday that my job is to make sure that no one has any fun, and Joey has discovered that the walls make an excellent canvas for markers. Simply perfect.

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