Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adventures in Motherhood

It is Thursday now and I wanted to go back to Monday, but truth is, I don't really remember Monday at this point. Mainly becuase on Tuesday, the bro decided that putting coins in his mouth would be fun. I blame his father for this. The fun thing that Dan does with the kids right now is magic tricks. Mainly pulling things out from their ears, but the bro is clever and if it can go in the ear, why not the mouth? I am not mad at their father because of this; I just blame him.

I didn't actually see the bro swallow a coin, I simply responded to Natalie screaming, "No, Joey, No!" And found her with her hand in his mouth. I applaud her amazing role as big sister. She truly was trying to help in such a way, that I myself have tried to help sending a penny down the bro's digestive track. So, I can't blame I blame their father. I assured her that she was doing the right thing...Dan, well, I told him he could no longer do magic.

So for two days I have changed poopy diapers and with a wipe covered finger pressed through them looking for a possible nickel. Again, I am not even sure that he swallowed a nickel, but there I was, sifting through poop, and I am not five cents richer.

Today, when the bro woke from his nap, barking like a harbor seal, I took him to the doctor. Our regular pediatrician doesn't work in the office on Thursdays, so I had to tell a new doctor about my son possibly swallowing a coin. I did not think that this was related to the barking cough, but though, since I had to pay to see her, I might as well tell her everything that is going on. Good thing, too, because as it turns out a nickel lodged in my son's chest could also present as croupe. Fab! This led us to the nearest hospital so my two year old child could have a chest x-ray. (which he rocked, the radiologist was very impressed with how still he could be, a fact that I will continue to remind myself about so that I don't get caught up on the fact that my two year old was exposed to radiation).

The good news?
1. It is just the croupe and a mild case at that. Although, after being exposed to the radiation he had to take prescribed steroids, but again, I will remind myself of what a trooper he has been.
2. Neither one of them complained about being bored, hungry, or tired and by neither I mean Natalie (for which she was rewarded and then melted down the minute we came home)

Did I mention that Dan is in Tennessee while all of this was going on, and we are getting, like, seven inches of snow that will delay his flight home.

I need a raise.

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