Monday, July 2, 2012


We've been out of school for three weeks.  That is a lifetime in the world of small children and stay-at-home parents.  That is three weeks of having to find something to do everyday to occupy their little minds and bodies.  I was good for about two and a half, after that I just run out of steam and need a break.  It was a good run, but man, was I ready for camp to start...or so I thought.

My "to do" list is never ending, and I was looking forward to camp because every week I get twelve hours without any children.  TWELVE HOURS.  A WEEK!  That is a lifetime in the world of a stay at home parent with small children who need their little minds and bodies occupied at all times.  My plan for the first twelve hours was to clean the house, and by clean the house, I really mean clean house.  Go through closets and drawers and throw things out while little minds and bodies are being occupied somewhere else.  They won't even miss it.  I couldn't wait.  Last  night I was bursting with anticipation.

Then, this morning, I was bursting with a new anticipation.  My babies are going off without me.  I am putting Natalie on a big, yellow school bus, something I had yet to do, and I went into a total panic.  I woke up and made a proper breakfast of slow cooked oatmeal and forced them to eat it, because was if they don't eat their lunches, and I am not there to make them eat their lunches.

I went into Natalie's room, where she was quietly reading passing the time until departure.

"How are you feeling?   Good? Excited?  You a little nervous?"

"Mom, I'm excited.  Is it time to leave?"

"Are you ready to take the bus?"

"Mommy, I have taken a bus three times without you."

 Then she rolled her eyes and sighed at me.

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