Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's for Dinner

Last week Dan was in Seattle and, as it turns out, I really cook dinner for him.  When he isn't home, there is a lot of noodle and cheese action happening in our house.  Actually, there was a lot of chicken Caesar salad happening last week.  I don't know what the deal is because I never really cared for Caesar, but last week I ate four. What?  While the are high in calorie value for a salad, they really aren't that high if you think about it as a meal.  Roughly 350 calories for the salad, chicken, and dressing.  About 100 calories knocked off without chicken.  So, in terms of a meal, not so bad.  (Yes, I track calories both to make sure I don't eat to few for what my body needs or too many)

My last "What's for Dinner" post was actually pretty successful.  I didn't make the cheesy taco cups, mostly because I was too lazy to put the tortillas in a muffin tin.  I cut the tortillas with a pizza slicer and made them into nachos instead.  Lazy tacos  :)  I think we were most surprised by the Pasta with Broccoli Rabe and Sausage.  The kids LOVED it.  I ended up using the entire amount of oil, and I should have stuck to my gut because I thought there was too much.  Next time!   The honey lemon bars were okay.  They were much too sweet for me, and I prefer another recipe I have.  But, again, the kids LOVED them.  We also had an added chocolate zucchini bread and muffins.  We received two enormous zucchinis (that I am just finishing up this week) from our farm share.  No one in my family, other than myself, cares for zucchini, and I needed to find something to make a dent in these monsters.  So I shredded four cups and baked them in a chocolate bread.  Then I used another shredded cup to make Veggie Confetti Muffins (which only Joey and I will eat) AND THEN I will use the rest of it for Monday's dinner.  Please help me if I get more zucchinis this week!

Sunday:  Bacon Crusted Turkey Burgers.  I told you they were on deck!  I have a ton of lettuce from our share as well, so we will have a nice big farm salad with these to counter the bacon and cheese.

Meatless Monday:  Zucchini, Squash and Ricotta Galette   I am actually really excited to make this.  When I tried to prepare the family that it was coming so that I don't waste the remaining zucchini and three small summer squashes, Natalie's immediate response was, "Do we have to eat it?"  Seeing as it just isn't a battle I want to fight anymore, I will make Caprese Salad for the haters.

Taco Tuesday:  I have no tacos planned.  What?!  Dan requested Tuna and Egg Salad for dinner this week.  And that is so easy for me, how can I say no.  I'm going to include Cilantro Chicken Salad (for me) and say that because there is cilantro in it, it will count for Taco Tuesday.  It's a cheat, I know, but cut a woman some slack.

Wednesday: Leftovers/Farm share day

Thursday:  Chicken Cordon Bleu.   We don't really make a ton of chicken breasts because no one seems to like them.  But I have them in the freezer, so they need to be used.   I asked Dan what I could do with them that he would eat and this was one of his choices.  And it is from one of my have sites where every recipe has been good.  I love that!

** Veggie Note:  we always have salad as our veggie.  None of us are really into cooked vegetables, so I don't make them.  I just don't want you all thinking that I don't make any vegetables.  Especially now that we have the share, we have fun veggies to throw in there.  Last night I had a salad with fresh string beans it.  Yummers.  I also made  beet salad that I will serve with the burgers tonight. (I used goat cheese because I had it and didn't add the walnuts-- just because)

Friday we are headed to Jersey, and Saturday Dan is taking both kids camping...overnight...and I'm not going....Hip Hip  HOORAY!   Not that I wouldn't camp, but I am pretty sure this is only the second time, since Joey was born, that I will be without children over night.

Baked Good:  I made Blueberry Crisp yesterday, so we will work on that.

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