Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Obsession(s)

Every summer I become obsessed with new things.  For me, especially this summer when I have twelve hours of alone time, summer becomes about discovery and down time.  While we are "rushing" to get to camp in the morning, our day-to-day schedule is pretty lax.  So far, this summer, I am obsessing over the following:

Pretty Little Liars

That is really it.  I know a lot of people whose guilty pleasures are reality tv, but mine is ABC Family.  Seriously, I am not so secretly a thirteen-year-old girl in a thirty-four-year-old body.  This show, as I have told so many people, is cheesy enough that I am a little embarrassed to admit I am watching it, but compelling enough that I can't stop.

I watch it while I am on the elliptical, cooking dinner, doing dishes, and laying in bed.  It has really put a wrench in my summer reading.  Perhaps I should have read the Pretty Little Liars book series upon which the series is based.  I watch hours of it every day (while multitasking, of course!).   You can stream this series on Netflix, for those who are interested.

I wish I had more exciting news. And I didn't forget about Sunday's "What's for Dinner" post.  Dan was away, so I didn't make any dinner this week.  It was all about what was in the pantry.

Seriously people, Pretty Little Liars.  If only Netflix would stream 90210 (the original/Brenda years).
I'd throw a crazy snack party (that means don't bring Twizzlers, though I won't turn you away)


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